The Early Days in Drumchapel

Following work in Drumchapel by BTI students, Christians from City Mission backgrounds and converts of the All Scotland Crusade, gathered for worship, encouraged by the Knightswood congregation. The congregation was formally constituted in September 1958 and the church opened on 24th April 1965.

In the early months of 1958, David and Agnes Trotter invited people to meet in their home for Christian prayer and fellowship. This group then joined the BTI students who were worshiping in Camus Place School. These Gospel meetings were both warm and friendly and the enthusiasm of the Christians who were there was infectious. The Gospel was faithfully preached from visiting preachers from Churches and Mission halls in and around Glasgow. In the early days of 1958, a decision was taken to become a branch of the United Free Church of Scotland. A site was given to this group to build a permanent building in Dunkenny Road, this building which is still there today was built in faith by the members of the congregation (engaging in the physical work too). The work started in faith with a heart for mission which has continued down to this day. The church has always saught to bring the Gospel message of God’s redeeming love to the people of Drumchapel.